About Me


My name is Deon Binneman and I am a speaker, workshop leader and management consultant on how to manage corporate reputation and mitigate against reputation risk.

The past eleven years I have been a reputation advocate and have spoken at many events in more than six countries (Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Malaysia, Holland & Botswana) about the importance of reputation and the dangers of damaging it, either as an individual or organisation.

I facilitate workshops designed to empower business leaders and managers to deal with reputation issues. These workshops include Reputation Risk Management Master Classes, Stakeholder Reputation, Crisis Management & Communication and the Marketing of Professional Services.

I have studied Strategic Management, Public Relations, Health and Safety, Governance and Ethics as well as numerous other subjects.

About 80% of my time is spent facilitating and speaking to audiences with the balance spent on advising and counseling management. I am often asked for my opinion and advice in  crisis situations, especially on how to deal with both the reality and perceptual aspects of the crisis.

I like to think of myself , not as a PR consultant but more as a management consultant that understands the management of intangibles including the important processes of organisational and interpersonal communication, especially in a crisis situation.

My monthly e-mail newsletter called Powerlines – Strategic Reputation & Crisis Management insights is currently read by more than 8000 subscribers worldwide.

View my full profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/deonbin


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