Corporate reputation management may be the most important asset a CEO and his or her team manages — as a good corporate reputation helps a company attract investors, hire and retain the best employees, partner with other leading companies and lower the cost of capital.

Reputation must be built from the inside out, and encompasses everything that the organisation says and does. Reputation is an intangible asset. A good reputation means your name is trusted. You are considered a sound investment, purchase, partner, and employer. All of this dramatically impacts on an organisation’s bottom line.

Our training will provide you with cutting edge business information and the unique opportunity to learn how to manage, improve and protect this fragile asset. REPUCOMM prides itself on being able to offer a comprehensive range of workshops with relevant content that covers Reputation Risk, Reputation Management, Crisis Management & Strategic Communication.

Our workshops are dynamic, fast-moving, internationally researched, contemporary and effective so that many of our clients return to us from time and time again. Our workshops are designed for executives and general managers, not only for communication & marketing executives, and draws heavily from a variety of disciplines including existing reputation management research, management strategy, marketing, knowledge management, investments and finance, corporate governance, risk, ethics, communication, human relations and accounting.

All training is outcomes based & in line with NQF and SAQA and international requirements. Throughout the courses, there are feedback and breakout sessions, the use of real life case studies, model scenarios, application and analysis tools to ensure interaction and practical solutions are delivered at the highest level.

All the courses are run throughout the year by Deon Binneman, either in-house, or at local and international venues of choice.

If you have any group training needs, most of the courses can also be delivered to you wherever you are in the world.To date REPUCOMM have provided training in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Holland, Botswana and South Africa.

REPUCOMM strives through its input and programs to maintain, safeguard and protect an organisation’s most important asset – its reputation and to assist in implementing strategies to achieve significant and lasting performance improvement in reputation building and strategic communication initiatives. 

In realising these objectives REPUCOMM recognises the need to put in place a relationship, which values the skills and knowledge of both partners. Only in this way can the partnership realise success. If additional information is required, I will be happy to provide it or address your management and executive team.

For more information about the following courses just contact me. I await your call. 

Two Day Courses: 


  • Managing Reputation Management
  • Reputation Risk Management Master Class
  • Stakeholder Reputation
  • Crisis Management & Communication Response
  • Developing a Best Practice Crisis Plan
  • Strategic Communication


One Day workshops: 

  • Managing Bad News
  • Reputation Risk Root Cause Analysis
  • Influencing Media Reputation
  • Market your Consulting Practice (Professional Services)
  • Managing & Improving Problem Departments
  • Internal Marketing


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