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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Whose Reputation is the worst of all?

A Number of consultants and media outlets have researched and taken a look at some of 2006’s worst reputation disasters. Study these and learn from the actions taken and not taken.  PR Missteps and Masterstrokes – A look at some of the public relations disasters—and coups—in the business world in 2006  Interestingly the … Continue reading

Crisis Management

What is the Golden Thread?

The magazine Fast Company is running a brilliant slide show depicting how some international brands faced a crisis and rebounded.  Visit to view the slide show.  Unfortunately the slideshow does not paint a true picture of the damage and impact the crises had on the organizations, but it does encapsulate briefly the response taken.  What … Continue reading


Why should organisations protect itself against Reputation Risk?

Numerous studies have shown that the most significant issues facing business today are reputation risk (defined as the threat of any event that can damage a company’s reputation) and regulatory risk (defined as problems caused by new or existing regulations).  Unfortunately many companies damage their carefully crafted reputations either inadvertently or through blatant and incredulous … Continue reading